What St. Olave’s Means to Parishioners

The following testimonials are part of an ongoing series written by members of St. Olave’s for our For the Love of St. Olave’s e-blasts. They offer a deeper understanding of the impact the church has had in their lives. Click on the names to read! View the What St. Olave’s Means to Me booklet.

Aden Shapland      Rev. Dr. Schuyler Brown      Bev Jarvis           Cathy Hutcheon

Sheila Tait       Janice Douglas/Martha Drake  Carol Drummond    Michael Ball


Robert Ragsdale          Dale Allen                   Jim Shapland                Don Weston


Rev’d Diana Spencer      Eric Hewitt              Bill Wilson                Judy Beal

Diana Spencer                 

Liesl Kuebler           William Cowling       Gabbie Douglas      Graydon McArthur

Jean Lilley
Annis Tebbutt
Paul Scrivener
Sandra Franke


The Reverend Canon Ruth Smith
Iris Jacobs
Bette Birmingham
Janice Douglas
The Reverend Alexandra Pohlod
Sue Harris
Judy Sher
Michael Jones
Heather Cosgrave
Sharm Powell
The Reverend Rob Mitchell