Jean Lilley

I have heard that one’s life, like a house, needs four supports. For me, worship and service and their benefits provide the best of supports. At St. Olave’s worship includes reciting our declaration of faith and participating in beloved prayers with others, tradition being a comfort. I appreciate the time for reflection, putting complexities of life into Christian perspective.

The church is a meeting place of people of differing experiences yet is respectful of one another. I also appreciate the atmosphere of humour, warmth and companionship at meetings of the ACW, “Mary and Marthas” and the Second Century Mission Fund.
Which brings me to service. It is a privilege to work with committed volunteers who exude an aura of joy and where thoughtful decisions follow open discussions. Be it committee participation or the recent dusting of the pews, there is the ever present sense of caring and pleasure in serving.
Many thanks to St. Olave’s and all who are a part of it.