Youth Group

We’re a group of St. Olave’s teens that get together two or three times a month to have fun, do stuff for our Church and community, and take care of our spiritual lives and each other.

Every second Sunday we get together after church to eat pizza and talk about stuff like:

  • How our week went
  • School
  • Family
  • Boys and girls
  • Art
  • Vacations
  • Sports

We also go on trips:

  • St. Michael’s youth conference and reunion
  • Diocesan weekend retreats
  • The Riddle Room (Escape room)
  • Skating
  • Movies
  • Bowling

And we do stuff for our Church:

  • Help with the Nursery and Junior Church
  • Greet and read lessons in the church services
  • Sing in the choir
  • Run the coffee house at the Christmas market
  • Help with coffee hours after church
  • Hold bake sales

We also like to help the community by:

  • Participating in the CN tower climb for the World Wildlife Fund
  • Helping with Hunger Patrol

And we take care of our spiritual lives by:

  • Going to church
  • Praying
  • Learning about God

What we best like about Youth Group — some quotes…..

  • “I love the pizza”
  • “I love getting together and talking about random things”
  • “Can we get garlic cheesy bread with the pizza?”

The Youth Group leader is Carol Ambler. To reach her, please contact the office