Paul Scrivener

I have always been a Prayer Book Anglican. For me, the Prayer Book is based in scripture and has the discipline to provide the key ingredients needed to lead a good Christian life.  

When my church was shut down a number of years ago, I set off to find a new church home. Ideally, it had to use the Prayer Book in its core services, offer good music and a friendly, welcoming environment.  

For some time, I shopped at five churches, all of which had their strengths. I recalled meeting Rev’d David Burrows (now retired), who was rector at St. Olave’s, a Prayer Book parish. The church is a distance from my home but I started to hear good things about St. Olave’s and decided to check it out.

St. Olave’s has been my church home going on 10 years. It has a smaller but welcoming congregation, excellent music and uses the Prayer Book exclusively. Rev’d Rob Mitchell and his team provide great spiritual leadership. Also, I believe it is important that St. Olave’s is taking a leadership role in the community providing space for so many groups that would otherwise find it difficult to manage. 

Amazingly in our secular world, my church has grown steadily in the past few years. The management team, of which I am part, has worked hard to keep our church not only beautiful but in good mechanical condition. I am really pleased to be part of the St. Olave’s family.