Option D

Rector’s Office/lower level bathroom:

  • According to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), a hallway must be a minimum of 36” wide to allow a wheelchair to pass. There is not adequate width on the lower level coming out on the west side of the stairs. 
  • On the upper level, one would also have to contend with the door to the chancel that swings out. 
  • This option would require relocating the Rector’s office, which is used six days a week. It would be quite disruptive to the current workflow. The most obvious location for a new office would be the Wardens’ Vestry. This means the preparation area before services would also have to move to the Wardens’ Vestry side.
  • If we moved the Rector’s office and pre-worship area to the north side of the building into the Wardens’ vestry, then the staging area no longer has access to the basement. This would pose a challenge before services.
  • Moving the Rector’s office to the north side of the building would significantly impede the ability of visitors to locate the Rector during the week as the doors to the nave are kept locked for safety purposes.
  • The Wardens’ Vestry contains active storage for music, Altar Guild and our South Sudanese congregation, and is also used regularly for meetings. It also includes the mandatory emergency exit, so any changes would be limited by having to keep access to that door.
  • Both the Vestry and the Rector’s Office have been renovated recently (six and seven years ago, respectively). 
  • The plan is for the organ blower to be returned to the basement, and rerouted back through the closet in the Rector’s office, which would interfere with the elevator.