Janice Douglas and Martha Drake

Our friendship first took root as kids at St. John the Evangelist in London. Through the years we would run into each other around the city but in May of 1987 we found ourselves together at a French immersion program in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

Both students at Western University, our friendship blossomed that spring as we conjugated regular and irregular verbs, practised the Quebecois tradition of improv and explored the rocky shoreline of the Bas-Saint Laurent region.
Fast forward 10 years to 1997. We were living with our respective husbands in the west end of Toronto. If Martha lays claim to discovering St. Olave’s for us, then it is Janice who settled the land, digging in for the long haul! Our children – Katie, Gabbie and Paul – grew up here at St. Olave’s, from baptism, Junior Church and Nativity Plays, and were eventually confirmed together. Now we are on the stewardship team together. Our friendship wears the Anglican church around its shoulders like a warm and cozy shawl.
You might say friends who pray together stay together!