Romanian Mission

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woman with infant

Kathy Langston is a member of St. Olave’s Church. In 2000 she spent her summer vacation caring for abandoned babies in in Romania. The plight of these unwanted and unloved children moved her to return to Canada, sell her possessions, quit her job and, with the support of our church and her many friends and sponsors, return to care for these babies and children. Kathy has lived in Oradia Romania since November of 2000. Her mission now employs four full time workers and three weekend workers. These ladies go into the hospital to provide physical care, including massage therapy, good nourishing food and love and stimulation to infants—things that the hospital is not able to provide. Also, Kathy has paid for life-saving surgery for infants in the care of her mission. Kathy admits that life in Romania can be challenging, but in the years that she been there she has become fluent in Romanian and a respected friend to many Romanians. Soon she hopes to obtain residency status and legally adopt the two little girls who have lived with her since they were babies. St.Olave’s is proud to be associated with the work that Kathy is doing. For more information and lots of pictures, please go to Kathy’s website.

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