Options F and A 

(Wardens’ Vestry/Hunger Patrol Room, Church Office/Caretaker Office)

The principles and goals of inclusive design effectively rule out the options on the north side of the building as well as the northwest corner.   

According to the Ontario Human Rights Code: “If a ramp goes directly from the street to the front door and lets the visitor off near the elevator, visitors with and without wheelchairs will be able to reach their destination in about the same time. However, using a ramp which is at the back of the building will take a visitor in a wheelchair longer than one without a wheelchair and will be less pleasant and convenient. Therefore, usability should not just be a matter of whether or not it is possible for persons with disabilities to perform tasks but also a matter of how dignified, easy and fast it is for them to do so. The human rights principle of substantive equality, which strives for equal rights and opportunities and the recognition of the dignity and worth of every person, requires this type of understanding of usability.”

The southwest entrance is level to the parking lot as well as the city sidewalk, creating the best access for people parking as well as people being dropped off by Wheel-trans.