Option C

Chapel/lower level bathroom/kitchen

The relocation of the chapel to the baptistry provides the opportunity to reimagine two beautiful yet underused spaces: the Chapel and the Baptistry. 

The Chapel is an inviting space into which to welcome people. The beautiful pastel-coloured stained glass windows will remain intact. Because the space is enclosed, people will be able to arrive without disturbing worship. The open space in front of the pulpit is also key as a person with mobility restrictions moves from the elevator into the nave. There is ample room to turn.

Possible other uses for the space include:
  1. Library
  2. Private prayer
  3. Install a speaker so that families with young children can hear the service
  4. Pastoral care
  5. Small meetings

The baptistry is also a beautiful but seldom used space. The altar, altar rail and platform of the Chapel would be relocated to the east wall of the baptistry. The font will stay in place. With high quality wooden church chairs, the participants would turn to face east for a service or west for a baptism. Or the chairs could be moved right out of the way depending on the function. 

An open chapel is quite common. Morning Prayer at 10 a.m. on Communion Sundays could resume and people coming into the nave would hear the prayers and listen or join. It would help create a prayerful mood leading up to the 10:30 service. The proximity of the Vestry to the Altar Guild storage is also handy. 

Other benefits to Option C
  1. Post-COVID, people are more conscious of wanting to have more personal space. Having the 8:30 service in an enclosed Chapel may limit growth of this service.  
  2. We have heard from some people that the current arrangement of the Chapel poses mobility challenges already. 
  3. This location creates an opportunity to rethink the basement layout, including moving the kitchen to the area formerly occupied by the stage, adding an accessible bathroom, and improving storage (especially Room 2).