Liesl Kuebler

I go to St. Olave’s because everyone there is just like one big family. Ever since I can remember people at St. Olave’s have been kind and welcomed me. Whether you know the name of the person or not, they are always kind and smiling. There are so many opportunities at St. Olave’s like meeting new people and learning new things. It’s a place where you can be yourself.

My mom, her brother and my grandparents went to St. Olave’s after they immigrated to Canada. Then, my Nana (my mom’s mom) started the Nativity play. My mom has been going here ever since, and I have been raised to go here too. I have basically been part of St. Olave’s all my life, and I was baptised here!

Getting to take part in the Nativity Play and Junior Church activities are some of my favourite parts about St. Olave’s, because no matter what you are doing you know that it is going to be fun. At Sunday school during Christmas season we practice the Nativity play. One of my favourite parts about the Nativity play is seeing which role you get, and seeing your costume for the first time. Some of my other favourite activities are our annual Skating Party, Game Night which is super fun because you get to play board games with all your friends and family, our annual Easter egg hunt which takes place on the lawn and the Christmas bazaar. The Christmas bazaar is an exciting bazaar held in the church. You can bring family and friends to enjoy the experience with you. Another thing I enjoy doing is greeting. I love handing out the books to everyone and greeting them. I also love bringing toys down to the fire hall with Junior Church because I know that they will be going to kids that don’t have any toys. I enjoy many more things too like the BBQ and doing activities outside, but there are just too many to name. So this is just a piece of how much fun you can have at St. Olave’s!

On Sundays I look forward to coming to church because of all the fun I have. I get to learn so many new items about God and Jesus at Sunday school. We also play many different games, and sing songs with Brittany (and Laura before), our awesome Sunday school teacher. You can never get bored at St. Olave’s because there is always a way to help out, or a fun activity taking place.

Here I have really learned lots about God, but also how to be a part of one big family.