Michael Ball

St. Olave’s … my new church home.

During the early years of my life I grew up in an active Anglican family where my church was an integral part of my many activities. For various reasons, during my working career, I established another church home and it, again, filled many parts of my life but I still missed my early Anglican roots.

About three years ago I decided to search out another church home and visited various Anglican congregations in Toronto but none provide a good fit for my spiritual needs.
A year ago, I walked in the front door of St. Olave’s where a greeter met me with a warm smile even though I was a stranger. My pew contained the familiar Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal from my earlier years. Suddenly, within just a few minutes, I felt that St. Olave’s was going to be my new home. The service of Holy Communion, the familiar prayers, the music, and blessings poured into my eyes and ears and refreshed me in a way that I have been searching for all this time.

The service ended, and Reverend Rob warmly shook my hand, asked my name, and sincerely showed an interest in me. He even offered to visit me in my home, to learn more about my life, my journeys and he helped to cement my feelings of finally being part of a new church home.