Dale Allen

My mother and I experienced our first Sunday morning service at St. Olave’s in September 1984.

The service was straight out of the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible readings were from the King James version. The Reverend Reg Rose preached a very good sermon. Mom and I were both “cradle Anglicans” with a deep appreciation of the BCP. When the service concluded, we decided that St. Olave’s would be our new church home.

After the service, long-time member Gladys Kirk welcomed us to St. O’s and invited us to join in the mini-golf and barbecue that afternoon. I went with Gladys and a few others to the event. That was the beginning of a number of wonderful friendships that have just grown stronger through the years. 

The BCP and Biblical teaching has kept me attending the very meaningful worship services almost every Sunday since.

St. Olave’s is a family church.
St. Olave’s Anglican Church IS family.