Cathy Hutcheon

I don’t remember not being immersed in liturgy. Throughout my childhood in Wales, words that were familiar, but not necessarily understood, unfolded their mystery.

At the heart of these words was the presence and love of Jesus, Son of the Living God.

Life has since been a tapestry of joys and sorrow, quotidian routines and adventure, confusion and clarity. I’ve wandered and come ‘home’ more times that I care to admit.

This brings me to the nub of what St Olave’s means to me. Three thousand miles from my starting point, and moving into my senior years, I can return here again and again to those oh so familiar words. Sometimes still, understanding unfolds. Love always does!

Cathy Hutcheon recently retired from her post as St. Olave’s Librarian. She is a teacher in the Toronto District School Board.