COVID-19 Guidelines

On Sunday, September 27, St. Olave’s will begin holding services of said Holy Communion at 9:30 a.m. The following guidelines have been developed by the leadership team based on Diocese of Toronto guidelines and public health recommendations. Click on the image at right to download the instructions that were mailed to parishioners.

Welcome and arrival

  • The sanctuary will be OPEN at 9 a.m. Please arrive early to allow time for screening and sign-in. All congregants and clergy are required to wear FACE MASKS. Disposable masks will be available if needed.
  • ENTER at the EAST OSTEND doors. If you need help getting from the parking lot, please let the church office know ahead of time so we can accommodate you.
  • A greeter will ask you if you are experiencing any symptoms, have travelled outside of Canada in the past two weeks or been in contact with anyone with COVID-19.
  • If you answer NO, you may proceed into the Narthex (the space at the back of the church). Please provide your name and contact info for contact tracing (see right).
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the church.


  • To maintain physical distancing, pews will be roped off and you will be asked to stay within the marked area to help minimize contact with others and make cleaning a bit easier.
  • Every third pew will be open. Bulletins will be placed to indicate where to sit.
  • There are spaces for 24 individuals or family groups.
  • The prayerbooks and hymn books have been put away and the entire service is printed out. You may bring your own BCP.


  • The service will be said Holy Communion.
  • There will be no choral or congregational singing.
  • Following the guidelines provided by the Diocese for Holy Communion, both bread and wine will be consecrated, however, only the bread will be offered to the congregation.
  • If you wish to receive Holy Communion, come up the centre aisle when indicated, maintaining a six foot (two metre) separation, to the bottom steps of the Chancel.
  • You will receive the host from a standing position, then move to your designated station to consume it.
  • Use hand sanitizer before replacing your mask then proceed down the outer aisles back to your pew.
  • Children can come forward to be blessed (contact-free).


  • The collection plate will be stationed at the back of the church and monitored by greeters. You are invited to place your offering in the plate before the service begins.
  • A greeter will secure the offering in the church office before the service begins and return the plate to the back of the church for anyone who arrives afterwards.
  • The offering will not be brought forward during the service but will be blessed during the next recorded service.


  • At the end of the service, greeters will direct you to exit the nave through the door nearest the pulpit, then out the WEST OSTEND doors, maintaining adequate spacing.
  • There will be no coffee hour, but smiles and physically distant greetings are welcome.