Library booksThe library is currently housed in the Ethel Brown Room on the fireplace mantle, with back-up stock in the cupboards to the left of the fireplace. It used to be a rolling book cart housed in the Narthex or in the north aisle of the church, but visibility was poor and a decision was made to move the library stock downstairs so that people could peruse the books during coffee hours or other times. There has been some discussion to house our library and its readers more comfortably in time, but for now our Library corner is getting good use.

We put out books and texts on the mantle that are of more immediate relevance, and change them up according to the liturgical seasons. Working closely with our Wardens, and now our Rector, we try to feature books that connect with the life of our parish. Books by some of our distinguished guest speakers, such as Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, Marina Nemat and Dianne Dupuy can be found here, as well as from our Honourary Assistants, the Reverend Diana Spencer and the Reverend Dr. Schuyler Brown.

Our sign out currently works on an honour system. There is a sign out book and folks are usually conscientious about returning books in good time and condition.

For more information about the Library, please speak to our librarian, Cathy Hutcheon, or members of the sub-committee, Sandra Franke and Tina Sweeney.